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Food (Jessica)

If you're like me and the raw fish is often a problem, do not worry, Japan has a great variety in their cuisine. You can find many flavors like odor; go from sweet to salty and sour even, but one thing is certain, there is always where you can eat delicious.

Both Manyo park as we host families give us the best service and the food is not the exception. In my experience, Okaasan (Mrs. Household) and ultimately delicious cuisine that you enjoy it to the fullest. And when we had to go out and eat outside the staff always worry about giving us the best.

Another thing that is interesting and enjoyable is that Manyo park gives you the opportunity to eat typical food from various regions as visiting several cities near Masuda, can taste many flavors not only food also drinks.

Food (Yuliya)

During this project I have eat a lot of delicious Japanese food, most of them for the first time in my life. For example unusual for Russians Takuan and Rakkyo (photo), and, of cause, Sazae, beautiful shell, that lives in the Japanese sea. Unforgettable tasty.

But the most delicious for me was Yakigaki (a kind of mollusk), which we ate in Hiroshima. 

Also I was fond of different Japanese noodles: Ramen, Somen, Udon and Soba. I have even tasted a Soba, which was cooked by automatic machine. It was fast and very tasty. It surprised me a lot!

Actually in Japan there are a large portion of food, but even when you don’t want to eat any more, anyway you cant stop eating, because it is very, very tasty.


For example, Japanese Gyoza is look like and taste like Russian pelmeni (meat dumpings). However stuffing of Russian pelmeni consist of different ingredients: meat, potatoes, berries and even sweet curd. But Japanese don’t cook sweet Gyoza.



And also I didn’t know before, that in Japan don’t cook sushi at home, only Temakizushi for example, it is look like buffet breakfast, when each person take NORI (Japanese seaweed ) and put on it ingredients that they like .


And I think that Japanese Tempura it is not only a delicious national food, it is also a peace of art.

I am really happy, that I saw all of this food variety and tasted it!

Foods (Momoka)

I was happy every day in Masuda. One of the reasons is FOOD!!! We went to a lot of places and ate a lot of food but everything was tasty!

In the house, mother cooked nikujaga(boiled and seasoned potatoes and meats), tempura(deep fried foods), sashimi(row fishes), fried fishes, temakizushi(a kind of sushi we make by ourselves), sukiyaki(boiled and seasoned beef), takoyaki(fried ball which has octopus) yakiniku(BBQ) and so on.

In Manyo Park, we ate niku udon(Japanese noodle with meat), soba(other Japanese noodle) and red rice ball(with ancient rice). Also our head of the office took us to ramen shop, family restaurant, Gyudon shop(Japanese beef restaurant) and bento shop(lunch box shop) too.

One of the best food I ate is fried oysters in Hiroshima! It was amazing. We also ate okonomoyaki, fried chikuwa, and kakigori in Hiroshima.

Moreover, Shimane has a lot of natural food of the sea and the forest. I really enjoyed eating and I felt much nature!

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