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Host Family (Jessica)

Being able to live staying with a family is a very pleasant experience and great learning. What better way to live this kind of experience with a family that is willing to share with you a cultural exchange as well as begin a friendship.


personally, I feel really happy to have met the Akiyoshi family, they are all great people, great heart and great values. They are great parents and have raised your child well. I have learned many things with them and their hospitality and kindness always will remember with great affection.

I am very grateful to all of them because they always worried about my welfare; They offered me everything they could and mostly offered their friendship and affection even though we met only a short time.

from my experience, I definitely recommend this kind of experiences and hopefully if like me now you have the chance or want to live, do not hesitate much and take the opportunity to enjoy the most of Japan.

Host Family (Yuliya)

I had no experience of living in Host family before. But after the meeting party, during communication I was clear that everything would be OK!

During this project I have changed two Host families.

First one was Mrs. Ishida family. They were allowed me to occupy separate room in their wonderful house. For the first time I was sleeping at Futon (traditional Japanese matress), I liked it so much that I wanted to buy it!

The second Host Family was Mrs. Watanabe family. I also had my own room. And by the way, her house is situated near the Manyo park, so every day in the morning I was walking to the park by myself. And when I came back I was met by her very little friendly dog, whom I loved too much.

All of Host Families members were too much kind to me, friendly and careful. Every day they cooked for me, bring me to the park and back home by car. I lived at their houses like a princess from the movie.

They showed me the Masuda town, we went together to Tsuwano to see the old Shinto Shrine, I fed big size carps, who safely swimming in the small pool under the open sky in the center of the town, by myself. We went to Hagi to watch how glassblowers working and goods made from the glass: plates, glasses,vases and beautiful accessories.

Thanks to Host Family I also swam in the Japanese sea and have seen one of the most beautiful sunset in my life.

It was amazing two weeks, that I will never forget it.

 In each family every day we gathered at the dinner time around the table, we eating and talking to each other about our cultural differences and similarity, and having fun!

For the first time in my life I wear real expensive Japanese KIMONO, that was made almost 100 years ago. Undesirable experience. I also had a chance to see BonOdori festival (something between slowly dance and giving a prayers) and also National Japanese KARUTA competition. This traditional Japanese game with very old history and difficult rules, but you can see and play it only in Japan!

Thanks Host families I knew a lot of new information about Japanese way of life, traditions and customs, foods and favorites, I began to understand Japanese character and Japanese language better!

Host Mothers are really queen of the kitchen, everything that they cooked were amazing to look at and super delicious.

I also tried to tell Host Families a little bit about Russian history and culture, my native cities live, my family, job and so on.

It was unforgettable 2 weeks in Japanese family. I was enjoying each moment. I began to love Japanese people and Japanese language more!

Host Family (Momoka)

Me and Jessica stayed at a home during this work camp. It’s composed by father, mother and their son who is 12 years old. We borrowed 1 bigger room for sleeping. The mother always prepared a lot of tasty dishes for us. And we learned how to eat Japanese food correctly. For example in the house, we started eating when everyone was ready and said ‘Itadakimasu.’(the word to thank food) Jessica was surprised it but she really enjoyed eating with chopsticks. The son studies English in an English speaking school. So we decided “English Time” on dinner. I could see all of them tried to speak English with Jessica. That time was good not only for Jessica but everyone to build a good relation. Moreover, they made any efforts what they can. They took us to aquarium, Tsuwano, and shopping. And we did BBQ and fireworks in the house. They said to us that “Both of you are almost my family, so don’t care about anything”. It was surprising and we were so thankful. It’s not surprising that we helped to carry dishes and washed our clothes by ourselves as volunteers, but they seemed to be glad and happy. I thought we are very lucky to come to the house because they are so kind, gentle and heartwarming people. Also I appreciate that they drove us from their house to the park in the morning then from the park to their house in the evening every day. I know it’s a tough task to do on the busy time, but they completed it for us perfectly. And we talked about many things such as our own family, love, job etc. and we could be closer. I hope we will keep in touch! Thank you so much all of them.

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