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Volunteer Works (Jessica)

Although we do work as volunteers, the truth is I do not feel like one. The work environment is very warm and comfortable; All park staff makes you feel like family and in fact you feel like home.
between the work we do is:
maintain the green areas of the park,
keep clean the work areas such as offices and toilet,
planting and watering flowers near the main office,
feed the insects, among other activities easy to do and many funny moments.

In my opinion, this kind of volunteering is a good oportuinidad to learn different things, both of the regions visited, culture, cuisine, customs, people yformas life. Not only know the new Japan, you also have the opportunity to meet the former Japan through the experiences of people. And above all, it gives you a chance to know yourself more and grow as a person.

Is true that all of Japan is beautiful and interesting, but ultimately I liked much to be in Masuda. Perhaps it's not like Tokyo, full of fashion, karaokes, Neon lights at night and mostly full of people with different styles. But maybe that's what makes this place beautiful. Here, you have the opportunity to enjoy nature and to connect with her; you can breathe fresh air and if at times you feel a little overwhelmed, tired, stressed or whatever the feeling, you can sit and just enjoy the silence, the wind and the beautiful panorama that you find on every corner not only the park, also of Masuda in general.



  In the park there are many interesting things to see, such as panoramas all this to offer, all its flora and fauna is very rich and interesting and people who visit the park give you the opportunity to meet and treat, for me that is one of the most beautiful things about this place and the warmth of the people is very satisfying to the heart.

Volunteer Works (Yuliya)

Now I that I really lucky person! Because I was chosen out by Manyo park administration of many people who wanted to come here!

 I was really worried before arriving Masuda, because I have not seen Manyo Parks stuff and other volunteers and I had no experience of living in Host family before. But at the first day after I have met with all of them I stopped worrying.

The atmosphere in Park and between volunteers was very friendly. There were only three of us: Momoka came from Ibaraki Prefecture, she was the leader of the project, also Jessica, who came from Mexico and me.

We quickly understood each other, making our every day work merry and easy. I can say, that we became friends.

Manyo park is amazing place. There are a lot of various areas for kids and for adults starting from children playground and finishing special field for playing Graund golf. And from this place opens wonderful view of the town.

During the project I was lucky to see some unique creatures like Kabutomushi (beetle), we often clean their aquariums and give them a food.

And it was interesting to watch how bee larve moving.

Also I saw Swallows nest with a little swallows, and we was watching how they growing.

One day director of the Manyo park showed as a real snake, which ate a frog in front of us.

However the most amazing thing that I have seen in the park was the strange tree knot, it looks like fearful face with two horns on a head. It is really unique wonder of nature.

My favorite place in the park was around old wooden watermill, near the Yasuraginoie-café,  there was so quiet, that you can hear bird singing and cicadas sound.

I do not have enough words to show how much I appreciate Manyo park director and all stuff for supporting us. I will always remember it!

Volunteer Works (Momoka)

Basically we cleaned up guest room, office, toilet and trimmed the park in the morning.

And park staffs took us to shrine, city hall and headquarters of construction firm for greeting. Moreover, sometimes we were staffs of some events for balloon lesson or a show. We experienced such any other cultural events beside basic works.


At first, we cleaned a guest room, and then we also cleaned cages of beetles. To be honest, I didn’t want to touch them and the cages. But both of Yuliya and Jessica didn’t hesitate to touch and they cleaned them up. And they were excited! So I was inspired by them and I could respect a little life. 


When we started cleaning toilet, we were awkward. For example, we poured water too much, so we have to wipe walls too! But gradually we got used to doing the work and it kept cleaning every day. Also what I was surprised is both of them worked so hard. During the works, sometimes we worked silently because we worked hard. On the same time, we enjoy the works too. We were always smiling and excited to do the works. It was one of the best memories for me.

We did outside works too. It was a little hard on too hot days, but the scenery was so amazing! Depends on the place, we saw the sea, river, forest, ravine… all of them are so beautiful! And we met many visitors and talked a lot. They were interested in international volunteers and they admired us for the works. I saw how people lives in Masuda have much kindness. I was comfortable there and it was precious time for me.


And I really appreciate that Manyo Park accepted me and other volunteers. All of the staffs are great people. They cared about our ideas and they gave us a lot of opportunities to experience Japan, Shimane and Masuda. I can’t “Thank you” enough.

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